The Owners - Kent & Ann

Yep, they own the place..... 

Since taking over the park in August of 2017, Kent  and Ann have put a lot of time and effort into making sure we take great care of you when you get here.  With a great staff and facilities, we are ready to make your stay a pleasant and memorable one. They are hardworking owners and always available to jump in and help no matter what the need is!

General Manager-Kerry

Kerry is committed to making the experience you have here a pleasurable one. She started working for us in 2018 after working as the General Manager for a KOA RV park in Kamiah, Idaho. Kerry takes pride in helping the staff here be the best they can be. The guest's comfort & safety along with the staff's cooperation and happiness is what she aims for daily.

Office Manager - Teena

Anyone that has visited our park in the last five years or so, has met our Teena and knows that she is everyone's cheerleader.  She keeps the office running smoothly & will welcome you to our park.  She is a skilled manager with a fun personality. Thanks to her, our office runs smoothly and is a fun place to be. 


Chuck & Jeanie are genuine and kind and a hard working couple. Jeanie is the reason we have a lovely pool and hot tub to relax in. She also keeps our grounds crew on their toes with her excellent work ethic and fast pace.                   

Chuck keeps us laughing with his great sense of humor & we love his engineer brain! 


Rebecca-has been here for several years and is true and steady. She often works her magic to find our guests just the right site so that everyone is happy. She's a motorcycle riding- purple-loving-woman and we love her!!

Marlee-goes the extra mile and offers concierge type service whenever possible. She has the ability to put people at ease whenever they come in contact with her and we think she's fantastic!

Maddie-once upon a time she was one of the high school students behind the grill at breakfast time cooking pancakes galore. Now a graduate of high school and a college bound student, she and her always cheerful self can be found at the front desk willing and able to help with anything and everything. We love our Maddie!

Last but not least, our CAMP HOSTS!

BILL & SANDI have been a wonderful asset to our seasonal crew. They are so helpful to all of our guests that come in after hours and Bill has just jumped right in to help our outside crew with watering and is willing to help out wherever necessary. They will be missed when they leave us soon but we have no doubt they'll be back! 


Our famous all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast is proudly made and served by the lovely ladies; 

Lauren, Gracie, Karina, and Tenlee. 

They arrive earlier than most of our staff to help make the breakfast that gets our guests up and going for the day and they keep our staff fueled up!

When these ladies finish clean-up from breakfast they move quickly on to their other daily tasks which include watering the flowers and tent sites, cleaning the cabins, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and then stocking our store. 

We will be sad when they return to school in a few weeks.